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Earthquaker Devices Afterneath review

A pedal to make the earth shake?

  • £199
  • €249
  • $199

Our Verdict

The Afterneath is not your typical reverb pedal, but massive sounds like this don't come cheap.


  • Great sonic possibilities.


  • Pricey.

The Afterneath is designed to provide otherworldly reverb effects, created by a collection of short delays working together and set up by juxtaposition of its six knobs.

Three of these control standard reverb pedal parameters - the dry/reverb mix, the length of the reverb tail and how bright or dull it sounds, but the others offer more unusual tones.

Diffuse blurs the repeats that make up the reverbs from sharp to soft and washy, while Reflect turns up the regeneration for an effect that lingers longer and will self-oscillate. Drag separates the delay lines ranging from 'a bunch of delays piled on top of each other' to a dense reverb. The overall result is a pedal that delivers massive crystalline washes of sound.

A cool purveyor of ethereal soundscapes that envelop your guitar, but at this price, it's for committed sonic experimentalists only.