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DOD Meatbox 2015 review

Fresh Meat

  • £154
  • €155
  • $229

Our Verdict

The 2015 Meatbox is very much like the original; it's enormously fun, but ultimately niche.


  • Fun to use.


  • Not all that versatile. Trouble with open B string upwards.

Unlike a conventional octaver, the Meatbox adds a synthesized sub-octave with a hint of envelope to your tone, and can even simulate subwoofers through a regular cab.

The pedal's raspy, nasal saw wave can be tweaked via the low and sub knobs, but it's best suited to baritones and extended-range guitars, since it has some difficulty tracking the open B string upwards.

Adding distortion post-Meatbox brings out the octave tone no end, but be careful: too much bass will kill your speaker at higher volumes!