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DOD Gunslinger review

'Sling your hooks

  • £94
  • €113
  • $149

Our Verdict

A sure-shootin' pedal that delivers straight-up distortion.


  • Nice sustain for solos.


  • Lower-gain tones aren't great.

One of the first all-new DOD designs since the company's rebirth, the Gunslinger offers a more conventional distortion than the Boneshaker.

Its MOSFET clipping provides a tight, snappy gain with a valve-like response, which yields big amp-like sounds with a bridge humbucker, coupled with a hefty serving of sustain for solos and grunt for rhythm playing.

We aren't such big fans of the lower-gain tones, which seem to lose the punchy mids of the pedal's more distorted settings, but higher drive levels clean up nicely with your guitar's volume knob.