Damage Control Glass Nexus review

  • £399
The Glass Nexus offers reverb and delay effects as well as modulation

MusicRadar Verdict

Centring on modulation tones with a vintage vibe, with limited delay and reverb effects. Try one.


  • +

    Generous features. Great sounds. Intuitive interface. MIDI access.


  • -

    Apart from the price, nothing!

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Damage Control makes a welcome return to these shores with a new line of stompox pedals, sporting dual 12AX7 valves, MIDI control and a huge range of features. In essence, the Glass Nexus is a versatile modulation pedal, although in reality, it is far more than that.

This stompbox offering also includes delay and reverb effects with a decent amount of flexibility, thanks to the array of dual concentric controls. The delay effect offers adjustment of the wet/dry mix, the number of repeats, the time (50ms-1.5s) and the character of the filter. The latter is absolutely perfect for simulating the softer sound of tape delays.

There are just two controls for the reverb effect: the wet/dry mix and reverb type. At its minimum setting, the latter control gives a spring reverb, and then gradually progresses through larger ambient spaces right up to a huge auditorium.

Vintage vibe

Operation is very quiet and clean, and the quality of the effect sounds is excellent. There's a kind of 'vintage' vibe to most of the effects here; the choir setting is reminiscent of the early BOSS chorus pedals, although it will also do a huge 'studio' chorus sound.

Hear the choir setting in action here:

Here's the phaser:

And here's the tremolo effect:

The rotary setting is perfect for those Jimmy Smith moments, while the vibe effect does a decent impersonation of the Univibe that is forever associated with Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower.

Here's the rotary setting:

And the vibrato effect:

Reverb and delay

The modulation effects are certainly impressive, but the built-in reverb and delay provide the real icing on the cake, especially as you can save your favourite combinations in the memory slots.

Being able to place the sounds in appropriate acoustic environments really enhances the basic effect sounds. This is possible with all multi-effects units, of course, but the sound quality of these Damage Control pedals (because of the valves? Who knows?) is on another level.

Wealth of options

Not only does this pedal boast a huge range of options and fantastic sound quality, it's also easy to use. And if your main requirement is modulation effects, then the Glass Nexus will make your wildest dreams come true.

The only tricky bit is the price. Many people would balk at spending this much on their entire pedalboard setup. Then again, as the old saying goes, 'You get what you pay for'. And after time spent luxuriating in the wealth of possibilities on offer from the Glass Nexus, the price starts to look more than reasonable.