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CKK Royal Fuzz review

Garage days revisited

  • £75

Our Verdict

A well-made fuzz pedal packed with sonic opportunities.


  • Brilliantly versatile.


  • If we were to nitpick we'd say the writing on the pedal could be clearer.

This isn't your usual one-trick pony fuzz box.

What makes the Royal Fuzz so infectious is its mid-boost switch.

In the off position, you get classic 60s fuzz: Satisfaction-era Stones, the Count Five's Psychotic Reaction.

Engage the mid-boost and you're in Black Sabbath, stoner-rock territory for bottom-string riffs with a singing lead tone that's pretty damn close to Edwyn Collins' A Girl Like You.

So, yeah, we're blown away by the tonal versatility here. Our only niggle is the writing on the pedal is a little tough to read.