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Carl Martin Surf Trem 2018 review

An update for the well-regarded amp-style tremolo

  • £75
  • €74

Our Verdict

No bells and whistles - simply vintage amp-style tremolo elegantly presented.


  • Authentic Fender-style bias tremolo tones.
  • Good speed range.


  • Amp-style tremolo only: there's no wave variation here.

Designed to deliver the sort of tremolo sounds you’d find on 50s and 60s amps, the Surf Trem has the simplest of control options, providing just Speed and Depth knobs. 

However, the new design offers plenty of improvement over its chunky but cool-looking predecessor. Its sleek, slimline shape presents a more workable footprint on the pedalboard with all connections at the top end, making it easy to site similar pedals right next to each other. It does, though, lose the second blinking LED, which showed you the tremolo speed at a glance. 

The circuitry (taken from the TremO’vibe tremolo and vibrato pedal) offers a warm and rounded tremolo reminiscent of Fender-style bias tremolo with plenty of variation running from a deep slow throb to fast and fluttery. And you won’t miss a volume knob, as there’s no perceptible loss of level when the pedal is kicked in.