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Carl Martin Red Repeat 2016 review

Some things are worth repeating

  • £99
  • €139

Our Verdict

A good range of delay from doubling and slapback, to a play-along-with-yourself 600ms.


  • Good range of tone and delay times.
  • Onboard tap tempo.


  • More versatile delays are available in this footprint.

Carl Martin’s longstanding delay pedal gets some neat new features with this 2016 Edition. 

This includes an extra footswitch to deliver tap tempo and toggle-switched modulation with adjustable depth and speed courtesy of two mini knobs. As another toggle switch selects between the time knob and tap tempo for the delay time, you can always have two favourite delay times instantly available. 

While the pedal is digital, it is voiced to deliver the less-than-pristine repeats that you might expect from a vintage analogue device, either tape or BBD-based. This is something it does well, offering repeats with a crusty edge to them that can blend in naturally, helped with a practical tone knob that rolls back their top end. 

The modulation feature, designed to emulate the ‘wow and flutter’ of a vintage tape echo, goes way beyond that into seasick vibrato and metallic resonance. Used sparingly, though, it can create an authentic wobble.