ALM Busy Circuits Pam’s Pro Workout review

Will the pro version of this popular multi-tasking module make us break a sweat?

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ALM Busy Circuits Pam's Pro Workout
(Image: © ALM Busy Circuits)

MusicRadar Verdict

For previous fans of this useful module, Pro is a worthy upgrade and for newcomers to Pam, what took you so long?


  • +

    Huge variety of uses.

  • +

    Excellent build and interface.

  • +

    Good options for expansion.

  • +

    Size and form factor.


  • -

    Some users may prefer a module-per-function approach.

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ALM Busy Circuits Pam’s Pro Workout: What is it?

Eurorack modules often appear split into two camps. There are those who are focused on one task only and make no attempt at anything other than excelling in that task. 

Then there are those that seem to cram into a single device as much as possible. This can fall down as complex user experiences, with menu diving and shift-clicking destroying the musical process. 

That said, some manage to come out shining and ALM’s Pam modules reside at the pinnacle of this, finding their way into many rigs.

Essentially Pam is a trigger output module but feels like far more, as the options on offer are substantial and varied. One of the strengths of Pam’s Pro Workout module is its versatility. 

The module can be used in a variety of ways to create complex and dynamic soundscapes. The adjustable timing and division options for the clock outputs make it easy to create complex rhythms and patterns, while the modulation and trigger outputs give a variety of options for controlling other modules in the setup.

ALM Busy Circuits Pam's Pro Workout

(Image credit: ALM Busy Circuits)

ALM Busy Circuits Pam’s Pro Workout: Performance and verdict

Existing users will feel at home, although the benefits of the update are clear, with the larger, full-colour display taking centre stage. This display can operate using different themes, so tailoring it to taste is easy.

ALM has made a number of additions to the established tools on offer but there are a couple of standout additions which make the outlay for a new version justified.

First up is cross-operation modulation, which allows one output to be modulated by either CG input or another output, using one of a variety of algorithms to control modulation. These can be sample and hold, or Boolean-style operations like mix, add, subtract and a number of others. This capability is an exciting addition and hours can be lost exploring.

Second up is Flex. If you’re familiar with timing tools in a DAW this makes perfect sense, as it allows you to add modulation to the timing of your triggers. This can be used to straight quantise output or humanise triggers for a more natural ‘playing’ of voices. It can add accelerating ratchet effects, or save user-timing modulations. It’s a very musical system and one that can add subtle (or not-so-subtle) interest to a patch.

Clearly, ALM has put a lot of thought into this new version of Pam and it’s paid off in spades. Each update or new tool is worthy in its own right but the complete package is very compelling. Some users will prefer a function-per-module approach but for most users, a themed but varied set of tools in one user-friendly device will be tempting. For those running smaller rigs, the 8hp module will be the perfect clocked modulation source. 

MusicRadar verdict: For previous fans of this useful module, Pro is a worthy upgrade and for newcomers to Pam, what took you so long?

ALM Busy Circuits Pam’s Pro Workout: The web says

"It may share the 8HP form factor of the original Pamela’s Workout, but the power of the Pro means it may as well be 10 times that size."
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ALM Busy Circuits Pam’s Pro Workout: Hands-on demos



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ALM Busy Circuits Pam’s Pro Workout: Specifications

  • KEY FEATURES Multiple CV ins and trigger outs, Flex operations, Cross modulation.
  • CONTACT: ALM Busy Circuits