Zoom packs in decades of effects expertise into its latest flagship pedalboard, the G11

Zoom’s latest uber-’board, the G11, is somewhat of a beast and just like any integrated pedalboard of this calibre, it packs in so many features that you sometimes don’t know where to start.

In the case of the G11, the best place to start is with the brand new effects that make up some of the 240 patches that are at your disposal.

Two new distortion effects and three new modulation effects debut here: Razor Drive, Wave Shaper, PolyShift, Geminos and SwellVibe.

Both Wave Shaper and Razor Drive take new approaches at distortion with the latter using comb filtering to achieve its effect and the former applies a brand new algorithm to shape the sound and deliver rich harmonics.

As for the modulation effects, PolyShift promises a modern take on pitch shifting, SwellVibe features unique, time-lagged pitch modulation and Geminos takes your average doubling effect, adds extra thickness with another layer of dry signal to deliver triple overdubbing and subsequently, produces some rather random textures.

These five new effects are added to a very intuitive ‘board that gives you plenty of physical control over all the amp models, IRs, effects and throws in a touch screen for good measure too.

All of this tactile control is backed up with plenty of IO to suit most situations for modern guitarists, with MIDI ins and outs, an optional Bluetooth dongle and also doubles up as an audio interface via USB-C. 

The G11 comes in at a very tempting price of £799 and you’ll find more information on the Zoom website.