NAMM 2024: "Inspired by both Japanese city pop art and the sun-drenched vibes of SoCal" – Yamaha launches a new generation of Pacifica guitars

Pacifica Professional Standard Plus
(Image credit: Yamaha)

NAMM 2024Yamaha has extended its Pacifica line of guitars with two new Professional and two Standard Plus models, and they feature a range of additions that move these specific Pacificas away from their entry-level roots. 

The two Professional models are the PACP12, featuring a rosewood fingerboard, and PACP12M, with a maple fingerboard. The Standard Plus models are the PACS+12 and PACS+12M, again featuring either rosewood or maple fingerboards.

Both the Professional and Standard Plus models are notable because they feature modern extras not found in the rest of the Pacifica line. These include Yamaha's Reflectone pickups, which were created alongside Rupert Neve Designs with the aim of delivering both well-defined low-end and livelier high-end tones.

And as well as being clearer, that tone is versatile too according to Yamaha, all thanks to a combination of the HSS pickup configuration with its 5-voice selector, and the push-pull coil-split on each guitar. Indeed Yamaha claims that, "these are the most resonant and tonally balanced Pacificas that we have ever built".

The guitars all feature newly-designed alder bodies, featuring slim C-shape necks, medium stainless-steel frets, Gotoh locking tuners and 2-point tremolo bridges. The Professional Pacificas also add compound-radius fingerboards and come in hardshell cases. With those extras, these models in particular have a price point that looks set to shift the Pacifica name away from its low-cost leanings. 

Each Professional will cost £2399 inc. VAT (and be available from March) while the Standard Plus is a £1399 inc. VAT and available now.

Pacifica pro and standard plus

(Image credit: Yamaha)

“Pacifica guitars have been embraced by guitarists of all types for more than three decades,” says Yamaha's Product Marketing Manager Brandon Soriano. “And our new Pacifica Professional and Standard Plus models expand upon that legacy by providing significant upgrades and modern features.

"The guitars were developed jointly by our teams in Japan and the U.S., and the new finishes were inspired by both Japanese city pop art and the sun-drenched vibes of Southern California."

Head to Yamaha's website for more information on both the Professional models and Standard Plus models in the Pacifica range.

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