Wolfmeister at VGS 2020

VGS 2020: There's nothing better than the peace of mind knowing that your guitar is safe from dings, scratches or worse, and The Wolfmeister's innovative, Gig-Shell range of protection offers a stylish alternative to the gig-bag or hard case.

That's right, the Gig-Shell™ is neither hard, nor is it soft – it stands alone doing its own thing. But it might well be just what you need. After all, a hard case is heavy and is not very friendly when riding the tube. And the gig-bag? They might stop the scratches but not the hard stopping and headstock-wrecking moments should you drop it.

That's not a problem with The Wolfmeister Gig-Shell™. It doesn’t mind being chucked around a bit and it probably protects your solid body guitar better than most other products on the market.

Inspired by vintage instruments, Gig-Shells™ are aimed at players, owners and collectors of high-end, custom, boutique and vintage guitars.

The Gig-Shells™ are also a lot smarter. They look like no other case or gig bag on the market. Inspired by vintage instruments, they are aimed at players, owners and collectors of high-end, custom, boutique and vintage guitars.

These unique designs are all about the guitar. Nothing else. There currently is a trend amongst other manufacturers to try and fit as many storage compartments and pouches on gig bags as possible, forgetting that the cases are supposed to be made for guitars – but they become more like carry-alls for instruments, accessories, laptops, effect pedals, etc.

(Image credit: Wolfmeister)

This leads to a few problems. Firstly, these additional compartments make the gig-bag incredibly large and awkward to carry, so the exact opposite of what it should be. Secondly – and more importantly – it increases the danger of damaging the guitar if heavy items are stored in these pockets, as they constantly bang against the instrument.

Wolfmeister offers Accessories Pouches as optional extras. Big enough to hold cables, microphones, tuners, the odd pedal and lots of other stuff, these handmade leather pouches can be placed left and right of the neck support inside the Gig-Shell™.

This way heavy items can’t fall around inside the case and are safely kept away from the guitar and in addition, if these pouches are filled with accessories and in place, they increase the rigidity of the Gig-Shell™ and add to the protection of the guitar.

An all-original design from the high-end newcomers on the guitar protection scene, the Gig-Shell™ comes in a variety of finishes and there are three different models, the Leo for Fender-style guitars, the Lester for Gibson-style guitars and those with an angled neck and headstock, and the Carol for electric basses.

They'll keep your instrument safe – and they look incredible inside and out.

(Image credit: Wolfmeister)

Recent months have seen an expansion of The Wolfmeister product line. There is the Wah-Bag, a deluxe carry-all for your wah and accessories, a Gig-Shell™ carry strap that doubles as a guitar strap – just take it off and use it on your guitar. 

Never forget your guitar strap again – just take it off your bag and hook it onto your guitar. And they look cool – a bit like if Eddie Van Halen turned cowboy. 

Finally, there are the all-new Wolfmeister Board-Feet, which bring some fresh thinking to enhance your pedalboard game.

Made of powder coated aluminium, Wolfmeister® Board-Feet are made to fit on any skateboard deck to turn it into a functioning pedal board

Finally, there are the all-new Wolfmeister® Board-Feet, which bring some fresh thinking to enhance your pedalboard game.

The Wolfmeister Leo

The Wolfmeister Leo is the plush and premium carry option tailor-made for your Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster or Jaguar...

Available in canvas and leather or full leather, the Leo Gig-Shell will see to it that the relic job on your Fender ended the moment it left the Custom Shop. 

And it might be named after him, but the Leo takes more than just Fender. SG-style electrics and most PRS models will fit inside.

As for the fit and finish you have a number of options including a striking hand-loom pattern lining. And of course you can also add a pair of removable leather interior pouches as optional accessories – just the thing to keep all your accessories neatly in place.

The Leo is priced from $595 and is available direct from Wolfmeister. 

The Wolfmeister Lester

(Image credit: Wolfmeister)

The Wolfmeister Lester is the super-deluxe protection your Les Paul, Jet, Penguin, PRS Hollowbody or small-bodied semi deserves... 

The Lester is designed for guitars with a pronounced neck-body angle, and it takes all the luxury offered by the Leo and beefs it up to make sure that headstock is still affixed to the body when you undo the zipper. 

There is more padding all round, plus a movable body wedge to support different body depths.

Like its little brother, the Lester is available in canvas and leather, with hand-loom pattern lining or in a number of awesome interiors made out of soft jute, which, like the majority of the materials used on Wolfmeister products, it is sustainable, reusable and biodegradable. 

Contact Wolfmeister direct to make your order. 

The Wolfmeister Carol

(Image credit: Wolfmeister)

The Wolfmeister Carol takes the super-deluxe protection offered by the Leo and sizes it up for electric bass guitars.

The features and options are identical; again you've got classic stylings and 2020 build quality. Only now the dimensions are just right to keep your bass safe and sound. Choose from full leather, or heavy canvas and leather exterior. 

Contact Wolfmeister for more details. Prices from $610.

The Wolfmeister Wah-Bag

The Wolfmeister Wah-Bag does what it says on the tin. It carries Wah pedals – and lots of other stuff, too. 

Additional to the Wah, they are big enough to hold cables, tools and microphones. This bag is meant for people who don’t have their Wah-Wah on their pedalboard. 

Now your Wah has a home.

Contact Wolfmeister direct to make your order. 

The Wolfmeister – Board-Feet

Made of powder coated aluminium, these feet are made to fit on any skateboard deck to turn it into a functioning pedalboard.

As with every Wolfmeister product, it is all about inspiring people, and being a launchpad for creativity… The Board-Feet come with skateboard bolts and fit any board, old style or new.

Using a set of standard wood screws, you can literally turn any plank of wood into a unique, great looking and perfectly functioning pedalboard. 

Use your old skateboard, your grannie’s floorboards or your wife’s favourite cheeseboard. Get creative and have fun!

The construction of the Board-Feet guarantees that low-profile pedal power supplies easily fit underneath the board. And at US$70.00 they are an affordable and fun way to rock out.

Contact Wolfmeister direct to make your order.