Witness some mind-bending seven-string tech-metal skills in this exclusive Protosequence guitar playthrough

Deathcore, tech-death, whatever you want to call them, Canadian heavy upstarts Protosequence have serious skills, as evidenced in this exclusive playthrough of The Hate Subsides.

In the clip, guitarists Kyle Hunter (left) and Dylan Parker (right) deliver a wealth of surreptitious swept and tapped licks, in amongst deeply satisfying chugs - and there are some crushing tones to boot.

“I've been using the Agile Septor Elite 7 string for quite a while now,” says Kyle. “It’s equipped with EMG pickups and currently an EverTune bridge system I got installed about a year ago.

“For my live rig I've been using a Line 6 Pod HD Pro X powered by an ART SDA-1 power amp which runs into an Egnater 4x12 cab. I also use Ernie Ball strings and Jim Dunlop guitar picks.”

Dylan, meanwhile, has this to say: “My primary guitar and the one I'm using in this playthrough video is my Jackson SLAT 7 Soloist. I have EMG 707s loaded in it as my current pickup set.

“I also use Gruv Gear Fretwraps and Ernie Ball Cobalt strings. For my live rig, I use a Line 6 POD HD Pro X, powered by an ART SDA-1 power amplifier into an Orange 4x12 cabinet.”

If you like what you hear, Protosequence’s EP Biophagous is available from Bandcamp.


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