Why choose between overdrive and distortion when the Old Blood Noise Endeavours Fault V2 pedal gives you both

If something is good, it's always worth tweaking and Old Blood Noise Endeavours have upped the ante with the new version of its Fault Overdrive & Distortion pedal.

The Fault V2 offers greater gain ranges, voice control and clipping options for players to create a truly versatile gain pedal; from clean boost to high gain distortion.

(Image credit: Old Blood Noise Endeavours)

Gain 1 sets the intensity of the first gain stage and the Fault V2 can go from light  to tight and crunchy gain. 

Gain 2 is where the heavy distortion can be found, reacting accordingly to where you've set Gain 1. 

More overdrive

The Fault's three-band slider EQ offers a tactile and precise control experience for players who need to dial in and edit their sound fast. And then there are the new controls…

Voice sets the overall tone of your drive heading into the three-band EQ and Boost sets the range of Gain 1 for even more drive options. 

The new Crush control allows you to shape one final clipping stage before the pedal's output. 

The Fault V2 is available now for £199 / $209. Head over to oldbloodnouse.com for more info. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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