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Watch YouTuber Brandon Scott turn corn starch and water into a practice pad

YouTube drum personality, Brandon Scott’s channel features plenty of great lessons and tips, as well as documenting his life as a recording and touring drummer. More recently, however, Brandon has turned his hand to content including tips on shooting videos, what a snare sounds like when you fill it with water, and his latest upload: an experiment into drumming on a corn starch and water paste-covered practice pad.

The paste, sometimes called Oobleck (after the Dr Zeuss book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck), will be familiar to parents with slime-obsessed kids thanks to its cheap and easy DIY capabilities. The mixture is what’s known as a non-Newtonian fluid - its viscosity changes when subjected to force, giving it properties of both a solid and a liquid without any change in temperature. 

With this in mind, the slimy paste has become a hit with YouTubers too - with videos confirming what happens when you shoot the mixture with a gun, drop a bowling ball on it, and walking or riding a bike over it. 

If you’ve ever wondered - and we hadn’t until now - whether or not it’s possible to drum on it, then Brandon has done the research for you and compiled it into an informative video. If you can’t wait, skip to 4:30 to see what happens! 

Stuart Williams
Stuart Williams

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