Watch IRIST drummer Jason Belisha play through Order Of The Mind

Taking in influences as diverse as Sepultura to Alice in Chains to The Dillinger Escape plan via Mastodon and much more, IRIST’s blend of hardcore, IRIST’s debut album Order Of The Mind - released last year - serves up a buffet of technical yet equally accessible delights for fans of heavy music of many different flavours.

“It is eclectic, it pulls from the last 20 years of metal as well as other maybe, worldly genres." Jason says of the band's wide-sweeping sound. "But it doesn’t sound generic: that type of description sounds like it glazes over a lot of things. But it actually gets super-specific about how we pull from these different influences.”

“One track could have influence from world music, latin music, some metal, some punk, and fuse together in a way that I feel is really graceful."


(Image credit: Susy Irais Reyes)

Formed in 2015, the Atlanta five-piece bunkered down for three weeks at the Ranch Production House in Southampton, UK to track the 10 songs that complete Order Of The Mind with engineer/producer/mixer Lewis Johns, who the band chose after hearing his work on UK sludge metal band, Conjurer.  

As many bands experienced in 2020, things came to a sudden halt due to Covid restrictions shortly after the album’s release. Here, in an exclusive playthrough shot in Jason’s studio, the IRIST drummer gives us an uninterrupted view of the parts he’s playing on the song. 

Jason, sat at his Ludwig Epic studio kit - complete with a mixed bag of Meinl, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals - takes us on a frenetic journey through the song, with the opening 6/4 groove twisting and turning on itself with some impressive cymbal chokes thrown in for good measure!

Jason weaves his way through some blasting double kick with a Trick Pro-1V before throwing in some impressive Thomas Pridgen-infused linear fills around the kit with precision always at the front, proving just how much mileage is possible from a relatively simple setup.


(Image credit: Nuclear Blast)

IRIST’s debut album, Order Of The Mind is out now on Nuclear Blast, and is available on all major streaming services.

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