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Walrus Audio launches Ryan Adams-designed DEFCON4 Preamp/EQ/Boost

Walrus Audio has announced its collaboration with Ryan Adams, the DEFCON4 Preamp/EQ/Boost pedal.

Nine months in the making, the DEFCON4 features a trio of rotary knobs for low, mid and high band frequencies.

Three toggle switches activate or bypass each frequency, accompanied by illuminated numbers, while adding the Launch rocker switch activates a 10dB MOSFET boost.

“I want this to look like someone from the ’80s was pushing the technology they had available at the time,” says Ryan Adams.

He’s not wrong - the WarGames-inspired DEFCON4 even comes packaged in a collectable blister pack, like the action figures of yore.

The DEFCON4 is available from 10 September for $299 at Walrus Audio and authorised dealers.

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