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Vulfpeck and The Fearless Flyers' Cory Wong: Why I love my… Fender Highway One Stratocaster

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Cory Wong

(Image credit: Galen Higgins)

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Before it was discontinued, the Highway One Strat series was the most affordable American-made Strat electric guitar Fender made. So they're understandably desirable on the second hand market. 

That's also due to the fact Highway One models also have a nitro finish – so they age wonderfully.  

But even apart from that, Cory Wong's 2002 model has proved itself to be a trusted tone machine in his solo work and output with Vulfpeck and the Fearless Flyers. 

In the video above he explains why his used $300 model has proved to be such a bargain, and why he upgraded the pickups

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