Is the Valeton GP-200LT now the guitar multi-fx to beat for value?

(Image credit: Valeton)

Multi-effects processors and amp modellers usually tend to struggle more in the clean and low gain territories when you get further down the price scale. But the new compact Valeton GP-200LT is another affordable option that questions that kind of assumption. 

Valeton, Nux and Harley Benton are all putting out product that helps to redefine multi-effects value in 2022, and here it helps that the slimmer follow-up to the GP-200 is being put through its paces through the dazzling playing of Andertons presenter 'Digital John' Connearn. But this thing is impressive in its own right for its £249 asking price.

You lose the built-in expression pedal of the GP-200 (you can plug in your own) and some footswitches, but it's still packed with features and inspiring tones; over 140 guitar/bass/acoustic amps and cabs, over 240 built-in effects, 256 patch slots, a 180-second looper and even 100 drum patterns.

Users can also tailor, and likely upgrade, the onboard tones further by uploading 20 third party IR cab sounds and the 4.3-inch colour LCD screen helps to make the editing process clear as you edit up to 11 modules in your signal chain.

Keeping in mind you get all this for around the price of a premium overdrive pedal, it's looking like a real winner for value. 

You can check the Valeton GP-200LT out over at Andertons

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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