UVI at Synth Week 2022: You can have it all with SonicPass

A Passion For Sound

From our in-house sound design mavericks to the pool of renowned artists working with us, to you our users, we are brought together by our passion for sound. With an incredible pool of talent, a dedication to quality, and a hand-crafted approach, we are committed to pack each release with the most creative, unique, and useful sounds possible.

Merging Worlds of Synthesis
Here at UVI we strive to bridge the worlds of software and hardware synthesis, combining decades of experience in sound design and recording with over 20 years of software development. This background has allowed us to carve out a truly unique space, delivering both the most authentic and most capable instruments available.

UVI at synthweek

(Image credit: UVI)

Vintage to Modern, and Everywhere In Between
We put some of the most rare and sought-after machines easily within reach, with collections like Vintage Vault 4 delivering the authentic hardware sounds of 255 synthesizers and drum machines. From vintage analog polysynths to the rarest digital samplers, the instrument of your dreams is only a click away.

An Entire World of Sound
While we love them, synthesizers are only a part of our story. Our offerings span well beyond, from the classical avant garde of IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 to the varied ethnic sounds of World Suite 2, from post production and sound design tools like Meteor and Whoosh FX, to powerful creative effects like Shade, Relayer, and Plate. An entire world of timbre and sound shaping awaits.

UVI at synthweek

(Image credit: UVI)

Go Next-Level With Hybrid Synthesis
Combined with Falcon, our flagship hybrid instrument, our soundware takes on a whole new life, giving you dozens of sequencers, modulators, and nearly 100 effects, allowing you to layer sounds in any way imagineable, and letting you truly create without limits. And for those with an eye for the cutting-edge, over 20 exclusive Falcon expansions pierce the horizon of modern sound design.

You Can Have It All, With UVI SonicPass!
Now, for the first time ever, we can deliver the entire UVI library of instruments and effects with SonicPass. Explore hundreds of vintage and modern synthesizers, drum machines, orchestral and world instruments, acoustic and electric keyboards, acoustic drums, production and sound design tools, and more. SonicPass is a one-stop shop for inspiration, and possibly the only thing you need besides your favorite DAW.

Subscribe to SonicPass for instant access to 1,000+ instruments and effects, yours for only $24/24€ per month!

Learn more at uvi.net/sonicpass

UVI at synthweek

(Image credit: UVI)

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