US outdoors brand Stio reveals Taylor Guitars collaboration with a stunning range of GS-Mini acoustics

Stio / Taylor GS-Mini guitar collaboration
(Image credit: Stio)

Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based outdoors brand Stio has just unveiled its collaboration with Taylor Guitars on a range of GS Mini acoustic guitars and they do not disappoint. Just check out these finishes! 

Click top right to enlarge  (Image credit: Stio)

"Celebrating music’s power to bring people together and the creative energy harnessed from the outdoors, the collaboration aims to capture that spirit through vibrant custom designs packaged into one of the world's most popular acoustic guitars, the Taylor GS Mini," says Stio. 

Stio partnered with nine artists with ties to its Mountain Studios to create original designs that are inspired by the "textures and stories of the outdoors".

Stio / Taylor GS-Mini guitar collaboration

(Image credit: Stio)

The two companies are clearly a great match here – and ethically too. Stio shares Taylor's commitment to using sustainable materials, advocating for conservation locally and nationally. 

The special edition Stio ft Taylor Guitars GS-Minis are $699 each and available to order from and to try out in its Mountain Studio stores. 

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