Try this beginner guitar lesson on alternate picking with Fender Play

If you're new to Fender Play's online guitar lessons, tutor Nikki Stevens' introduction to alternate picking is a great way to preview the high quality and accessible teaching on offer with the subscription service.

Fender is currently offering a three months of free lessons with the service – click through the link below to find out more and sign up. 

Nikki has taught hundreds of students over the last 13 years of her 22 spent playing. She co-owned and operated a musical instrument store in Montana and was also the director of the store's private lesson program. 

She joined Jason Newsted's "Chophouse" jam crew before moving back to her home city of Los Angeles to join Paradise Kitty-- the all female tribute to Guns N' Roses. As  Fender Play, but also contributes to curriculum development as a lesson writer.

How to get 3 months of Fender Play for FREE

How to get 3 months of Fender Play for FREE
Visit to redeem your code. Once you have redeemed your code you can download the app via Google Play or the App Store and sign into your account. You can also sign into Fender Play via web/desktop.

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