The guitar video of 2022? See two of the greatest session guitarists on the planet jamming together and sharing their wisdom in this masterclass

Now this is a treat. Two of the greatest guitar players working out there, playing together in a room and filling it with pure musicality. We could spend years learning from Nashville session men Tom Bukovac and Guthrie Trapp and barely scratch the surface but this hour-interview with fellow players' player Brett Papa hosting is a real masterclass insight into their approaches. 

There's three performances here to enjoy with insight in between. No pedals or gear distractions (well ok, Bukovac is playing with a 1960 ES-335 that's got a for sale tag on that's not even his own guitar) but it's the way these guys play together that is truly magical. And it's not about taking the solos or overcomplicating things. 

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Guthrie Trapp

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"It frustrates me how unadventurous people are with chords these days," says Bukovac as the players discuss their approaches. "I've talked about it a million times… collaboration is my favourite thing about music, chords are my second favourite thing. I just love chords and I love interesting chord changes. But here's the thing, there's a fine line; I like interesting chord changes but I don't like them when they're complicated just to be complicated. 

"I like it when they're familiar but twisted; that's The Beatles," he adds. "They were twisted but enough for you to go, yes! I didn't think of that. One little note different. But when people do complicated chords just to make it sound complex it's stupid."

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