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This fold-up guitar doubles as a suitcase

Plenty of guitars purport to be travel-friendly - often thanks to small bodies or collapsable necks - but the Notekase is perhaps the first to double as a suitcase.

Newly launched on Kickstarter, the Notekase features a breakdown neck joint and a backing plate, which can be removed and rotated to fit inside the sounding board surface.

The whole lot slots inside a luggage case, and the process promises to take 20 seconds.

The guitar features a roughly dreadnought-proportioned body with options including fanned frets and nylon-string classical styles.

Two models will be available: a hand-built Signature series model with AAA grade spruce or cedar top and Highlander pickup; and a factory-prepared standard model.

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Canny Irish designer Iain Maclean came up with the Notekase to get around European budget airline policies, which state that musical instruments require a €60 fee or to book a seat.

The Notekase is designed to be as large as airline restrictions allow, making for a bigger-sounding acoustic tone and more room for your holiday essentials.

It’s available now from Kickstarter, where €280 secures you a standard Notekase, while €1,600 gets you a Signature series model.

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