The perfect size acoustic guitar? Taylor introduces the mid-scale GT

Taylor has unveiled a whole new size of acoustic guitar with its GT - Grand Theater. With a 24-1/8" scale length, it falls between the company's popular 23 1/2" GS Mini travel guitar and a full-size 25-1/2" acoustics.

After trying it out ourselves for our Taylor GT review, we have to agree with Taylor Master Luthier Andy Powers that his design is a bit of a Goldilocks guitar - it feels "just right". But there's more going on here than scale.

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The American-made GT introduces C-Class bracing - Powers' adaption of his acclaimed V-Class bracing to the GT's smaller body dimensions. These sit between its Grand Concert and the GS Mini while borrowing the Grand Orchestra's body curves.

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The C-Class bracing architecture is a cantilevered, asymmetrical design, which helps accentuate the GT's lower frequencies to produce "a surprisingly warm bass response for its compact dimensions," according to Taylor. As we find in our review, it also has a positive impact on note sustain. Taylor also state it improves volume and intonation.

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The GT also sees Taylor forging ahead with its investment in new sustainable sources of tone wood; the back and sides are solid Urban Ash that is reclaimed from Shamel ash in urban areas of California and, according to Powers, shares characteristics with high end Honduran mahogany.

Another surprise is the eucalyptus farmed and harvested for fretboard, bridge and peghead overlay of the GT. Taylor says it is a comparable weight and density to the ebony the company uses from the mill it co-owns in Cameroon.

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The neck here is mahogany and koa is used in the GT's rosette making for an impressive array of woods in the build. Combined with the top's solid spruce, it makes for an impressive array of tone woods here.

In terms of playing experience, Taylor claims the GT’s scale is "the equivalent of playing with a capo on the first fret of a 25-1/2”-scale guitar" and the gauge 12 strings its fitted with offer "the same string tension as if you tuned a guitar with a 25-1/2” scale length down a half step (E-flat to E-flat)". The result is a guitar that feels like its strung with 11s, according to Taylor. 

The Taylor GT comes with Taylor's AeroCase in brown is available as the GTe fitted with the company's Expression System 2 (US Street price $1,599 / £1,835 ) or without (US street price $1,399 / UK RRP £1,619) 

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