The new Pigtronix Cosmosis ambient reverb pedal has an intriguing Morphing feature

Pigtronix Cosmosis
(Image credit: Pigtronix)

Ambient reverb is already having a bumper year thanks to the Strymon Cloudburst, UAFX Del-Verb (it has some fantastic ambient app presets) and the Walrus Audio Sloer, so why shouldn't Pigtronix get in on the fun? Especially as it's packing a feature called Morphing on the new Cosmosis that sounds very cool indeed.

There are three algorithms: Theatre, Temple and Cosmos and once you've explored them and shaped your sounds with the Tone, Blend and size controls, you can save up to four presets. But what's all this Morphing about?

This is where is becomes even clearer that the company isn't exageratting when it says Cosmosis has been years in the making, because it's bringing something fresh to the table here. You have a red tone to set up with the sounds and parameters of your choosing, then you double-tap the Morph switch to access you green tone (the lights change colour accordingly. 

Tap the Morph switch and the pedal oscillates between the green and red tones as a rate determined by the rate control. Things get interesting, a little like a reverb tremolo if you can believe it. Check out the video above to hear. 

The demo illustrates a subtler slapback Theatre setting morphing into an ending that uses a bigger, brighter space. Then it shows how it can be used for a cinematic build,  morphing into something subtler. It sounds impressive.  

The Pigtronix Cosmosis is $219. More info at Pigtronix 

Rob Laing
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