The new Charvel Prashant Aswani signature model is an Inca Silver stunner

Preshant Aswani
(Image credit: Charvel)

Preshant Aswani has brought a session players' mind to the design of his versatile signature guitar with Charvel, and it looks as good as it potentially sounds too. 

The musician, producer and songwriter's new Pro-Mod So-Cal is designed to be adaptable to any style the player chooses, reflecting his own storied career. And its Inca Silver finish with matching Strat headstock ensures it'll look great in any scenario.

A 25.5" scale with an alder body and bolt-on maple neck ticks the S-type boxes but a scalloped lower back bout and 'shredder's' sculpted heel are the mark of Charvel's enhanced player experience. And the rest of the spec here proves solid on a $1,399 Mexican-made guitar.


(Image credit: Charvel)

This might be my signature model, but it has the ability to be the signature instrument for whoever creates music with it

A rosewood fretboard, heel-mounted truss rod wheel, Graphite neck reinforcement for added stability, Wilkinson WVS 130 CR 2-point locking tremolo bridge, Luminlay side dots and Charvel signature PA28 humbuckers underline a 'ready for anything' feature set. 

“Guitar is a tool for me to express the music I have inside of me," says Aswani. "Once you plug it in, the tone of my signature model will take people on a journey of their own.

"All the specs on the PA28 were meticulously implemented because I felt the guitar had to be expressive and easy to play. From the neck profile to the vintage inspired modern pickup set, Charvel nailed the specs and tone I was after. This might be my signature model, but it has the ability to be the signature instrument for whoever creates music with it.”

Jon Romanowski, VP, Category Management with Charvel echoes those sentiments: "Prashant’s playing is unique in that you can’t quite fit his style  into any one box,” he says. “But because of that, he’s like a chameleon shifting from one genre to the next. We wanted to encapsulate that limitless approach to playing with this signature model and thanks to features like the dynamic custom humbuckers and comfortable maple neck, this guitar can do it all.”

Prashant Aswani Signature Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 1 PA28 is $1,399.99 / £1,399, €1,599 / $2,399 AUD / ¥206,800 JPY. 

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