The Kenton Electronics Pro CV to MIDI converter does exactly what it says on the tin

Kenton Electronics has announced its latest converter, the Pro CV to MIDI. It takes the CV signals from any CV-equipped instrument and converts them to MIDI. 

Opening up a new world of control for lovers of modular and vintage gear, the Pro CV to MIDI converter will allow you to bring your MIDI-enabled synth to the control-voltage party.

The PRO CV to MIDI boasts highly accurate tracking of pitch control voltages and supports the Volt/Octave system, the 1.2V/Octave system used by EML and Buchla, and the Hz/Volt system used by Korg and Yamaha. 

The rugged, feature-packed box also includes pitchbend, modulation and non-quantised continuous tracking, and two user-assignable auxiliary CV inputs.

PRO CV to MIDI is available now for £136.92 inc VAT (£114.10 ex VAT), for more information go to the Kenton Electronics website.

Pro CV to MIDI features 

  • CV & Gate inputs on 3.5mm mono jack sockets
  • A to D conversion for main CV input is 16 bit high quality ADC
  • V/octave, Hz/V or 1.2V/oct modes selectable
  • Gate type can be selected as Gate or S-trig
  • Aux1 & 2 inputs on 3.5mm mono jack (continuously variable or switch selectable) 
  • Auxes can select controller number
  • Auto tune feature makes setup easy
  • MIDI Out on 5 pin DIN socket 
  • Power consumption 85mA 
  • Dimensions 122mm wide x 75mm deep x 42mm high
  • Weight 170gms
  • Non-volatile memory EEPROM (no back-up battery required)
  • 32 bit ARM processor
  • The Pro CV to MIDI is supplied complete with a plug top power supply
Simon Arblaster
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