Unlock your music industry potential with Weston College

Forging a career in the music industry isn't easy, but you've got a far better chance of doing it if you've got a degree-level qualification behind you. And that's precisely what Weston College is offering to those who complete its innovative full-time Music Production and Popular Music Foundation Degrees.

Taken over two years, the Music Production FdA course is designed for students who dream of making a living as a producer, sound engineer, live engineer, multimedia/film composer or in post-production. Throughout both years you'll develop a thorough understanding of the likes of Logic Pro X and Pro Tools, studio recording techniques and mix skills. You will also, uniquely, learn how to apply your new found skills in real-world situations.

Both courses stand out due to their arrangement of several annual residential visits to legendary recording studios. In previous years these have included Monnow Valley (pictured below), Sawmills and Modern World. There are also frequent opportunities to record with other students and visiting professionals.

Monnow valley

Monnow valley

Those who've taken the Music Production course in the past have gone on to work in live sound and enjoy freelance careers as recording engineers, touring musicians, DJs and media composers.

The Popular Music FdA course also spans two years, and is designed for those who want to work as performers, session musicians, songwriters and arrangers. You'll learn how the music making process works from start to finish, receiving weekly lessons on your primary instrument and up-to-the-minute industry information.

The course is industry based and covers all the topics you need to be versed in if you want to have a career in the music industry, including legal terms and online marketing. Students are encouraged to become versatile and work across different styles - previous graduates have gone on to work as professional musicians and freelance songwriters/producers.

For full details on both courses - including delivery method, assessment, entry requirements, start dates and price - head over to the Weston College website.