Share synth sounds via Twitter

Create a synth sound on your Mac then share it with the world
Create a synth sound on your Mac, then share it with the world.

If you suddenly start to receive Tweets of seemingly randomly-generated numbers, don't worry: it's just someone sharing one of their new synth sounds.

Thanks to a new project called Tweet A Sound, it's now possible to create a sound in a freely downloadable application and send them off to Twitter. The app was created in Max/MSP and is currently Mac-only, but a Windows version is said to be in development.

If you want to give 'social sound design' a try, we'd recommend that you check out the getting started video below, but it all looks relatively straightforward. Tweet A Sound creator Andrew Spitz is keen to point out that, although experienced synth programmers will be at an advantage, everyone is invited to start sharing.

And let's face it, a Tweet containing a new sound is far more interesting than yet another from your mate telling you that he's just about to buy a sandwich.

(Via Create Digital Music)