SampleTank iOS updated with SampleMoog

IK Multimedia's SampleTank iOS app, which turns your iPad or iPhone into virtual keyboard instrument, has been relaunched to include the popular sound collection SampleMoog as an in-app purchase. Until now, SampleMoog had been a desktop-only app in standalone or plugin formats.

SampleMoog is effectively a ROMpler that offers users the chance to play samples taken from the mightiest instruments in Moog's back catalogue - including MiniMoog, Taurus pedals, Little Phatty and more.

According to Sonic Reality, who worked with IK Multimedia to make the mobile edition happen, the in-app purchase offers "an A-Z of Moog history."

To find out more about SampleTank and SampleMoog, visit IK Multimedia. If it's a purchase you're after, SampleTank costs $9.99/£6.99 for iPad via the App Store, with the SampleMoog in-app purchase costing $19.99/£13.99.