Propellerhead unleash Parsec synth for Reason

Hot on the heels of releasing an iPad version of Reason's flagship synth Thor, Propellerhead have turned their attentions back to the DAW, with the surprise-release of the new Rack Extension synth, Parsec.

Billed as an additive synthesiser that's as easy on the brain as it is the CPU, Parsec is based around two advanced oscillators with up to 512 voices per oscillator, a wide range of sound sculpting tools, built-in effects and free modulation routing.

For those keen on their inbuilt presets, the synth is promising a diverse sound bank that's capable of adding whammy to electro house, bass music, minimal techno,electronic indie and pop, far-out experimental, and more.

The promise of accessible additive synthesis is one of Parsec's central selling points, with its developers promising the ability to use up to 1024 voices between its two oscillators without blowing a fuse.

Add in three envelopes and two LFOs as well as delay, reverb effects and a vocoder, and you get what Propellerhead are calling "a new palette of inspiring synth sounds."

You be the judge with the video demo (above) and audio samples which can be found at Propellerhead's Parsec page- also the source of more info.