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Portishead's Third set for April release

The album artwork is simplistic, to say the least.
The album artwork is simplistic, to say the least.

Having previously revealed that a new album was in the works, seminal Bristolian trip-hop collective Portishead have announced that it will be called Third and go on sale on April 14.

Appropriately, this is the band´s third full-length studio record, and it arrives after a long hiatus. It´s been a decade since Portishead´s last release, the Roseland NYC Live album, and their most recent ‘proper´ album was 1997´s Portishead. Prior to that, the band won the 1995 Mercury Music Prize for their influential debut release, Dummy.

The tracklisting for Third is as follows:

1. Silence
2. Hunter
3. Nylon Smile
4. The Rip
5. Plastic
6. We Carry On
7. Deep Water
8. Machine Gun
9. Small
10. Magic Doors
11. Threads

For more information - including tour dates - go to the Portishead website.