OWOW introduces five pocket-sized MIDI controllers

Taking some design cues from Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators is a new set of USB MIDI controllers from dutch manufacturer OWOW. Each instrument is available in bare PCB form (CRD) or housed in a rugged aluminium case (DVC).

There are five instruments to choose from, starting with Wob, a D-Beam-esque motion controller. Wiggle looks to offer similar motion control to a Nintendo Wii controller, while the self-explanatory Pads features four pad triggers. Drum is a Pad/Wiggle hybrid, with two button triggers and x-axis rotation for those 'tambourine' moments, and completing the set is Scan, which enables you to scan a drawn pattern that can control pitch information.

The Kickstarter project offers the usual bundle deals you'd expect, but OWOW has also created a game where the backer with the highest score wins a complete set of CRD instruments.

Currently, some early bird prices are still available for each of the units - $49 for the CRD models and $99 for the DVC editions. For more information and pricing, check out the OWOW Kickstarter page.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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