A gig inside an Icelandic volcano sounds like the hottest ticket in town

Iceland's Secret Solstice festival is looking to go one better than last year's glacial effort with the world's first public performance inside a volcano.

Like something out of You Only Live Twice, the dormant magma chamber inside the Thrihnukagigur volcano will be the venue for this year's special performance at the festival.

And if that doesn't sound cool enough for you, guests will be transported via helicopter from Reykjavík to the volcano's entrance. Providing visibility is good, of course; if not, those guests better get their hiking boots on.

The organisers have already announced Radiohead, Deftones, Of Monsters And Men, and Die Antwoord as part of the main festival 2016 lineup. They have not yet named the artist who will be playing this unique one-off show, but they have dropped a couple of hints.

"We have someone special, though we want attendees to be surprised when we announce who it is at a later stage." Said Secret Solstice's director Fred Olafsson. "I will say that it will be an acoustic performance by a very famous name, and we promise guests will be impressed when we finally make the big reveal."

Well, at least it's not going to be a foundation-shaking, bass-heavy EDM act, and any safety fears over pending eruptions should be allayed by the fact the volcano hasn't erupted since the time Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza was built.

As you would imagine, tickets for Secret Solstice presents Inside The Volcano aren't going to be cheap. Those wanting to snap up one of the 20 available tickets will have to come up with 250,000 Icelandic krona (approx. £1460/$2053/€1855), which includes the event, helicopter transport from Reykjavík, and refreshments.

If you're worried you're not getting enough for your money, the price also includes a VIP ticket for the main Secret Solstice 2016 event, which is held between 16-19 June 2016.

Simon Arblaster
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