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TC-Helicon revolutionises the talk box with hoseless TalkBox Synth pedal

The vocal tones of the talk box is a much sought-after sound, but the complicated setup it necessitates has put many a guitarist off; TC-Helicon is keen to change all that with the TalkBox Synth, which does away with the traditional hose, instead allowing guitarists to use just a microphone to vocalise the sounds.

Four talk box sounds are onboard, as are four synth sounds, while Adaptive Tone, pitch correction and reverb enhance regular vocals.

Connections include a standard jack input and output, plus XLR in and out, as well as micro USB - the talk box tones themselves are outputted direct to the PA.

This is a pretty exciting development for one of guitar's most iconic effects. The TalkBox Synth is available now for £149/$149 - TC-Helicon has more info.

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