String Theory EFX unveils KE/64 Overdrive and Tevatron Fuzz pedals


Illinois-based effects company String Theory EFX has announced its first, all-original effects pedals, the KE/64 Overdrive and Tevatron Fuzz.

The KE/64’s JFET-based circuit is inspired by “a cranked-up little green British combo amplifier”, and aims to keep the sound of your guitar and amp intact while adding “something special” through its amp-like overdrive.

String Theory EFX promises tones that range from clean boost to low-to-medium-gain overdrive.

The Tevatron Fuzz, meanwhile, pairs an NOS germanium transistor with an op amp IC chip, which should deliver a host of fuzz textures, from overdrive up to high-gain spitty fuzz, tweaked via bias, gain and fuzz controls.

All String Theory EFX pedals are hand-built and offer a lifetime warranty.

The KE/64 Overdrive ($250) and Tevatron Fuzz ($265) are available now from String Theory EFX.

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