Steve Vai to join Patreon - here's what supporters will get for $5 a month

Steve Vai has been so proactive with fan Q&A sessions during the pandemic that a Patreon page seems a logical step. Here's what fans can expect for the $5 a month fee when it launches on April 1, as well as news on a new song premiering today.

At a minimum there will be an exclusive one-hour Q&A session but Vai also plans to provide members with access to exclusive listening parties for his new releases, guitar tips and inspirational advice. 

"I’m excited to give more attention to online formats such as Patreon where I can communicate with those interested"

In addition there will be access to his Alien Guitar Secrets and Under it All streams, guest interviews and updates on news. 

 “The pandemic changed much of the way many of us conduct our business, especially musicians," says Vai in a statement. "Although live performances have been down, there have been many other ways in which communicating with the fans has exploded. With this in mind I’m excited to give more attention to online formats such as Patreon where I can communicate with those interested and offer unique items and experiences that keep us connected."

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In the meantime there's episode nine of Vai's Alien Guitar Secrets that you can watch at the top of the page.

The guitarists will discusses his recent finger finger surgery and shares advice on hand health for players. He also presents a performance video of his new composition Knappsack (below) played on his Ibanez Onyx Black PIA guitar WITH ONE HAND! The recording is now available for digital download and on all streaming services. 

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