Steve Lukather delivers a brutal 7am wake-up call to his neighbours after being disturbed by leaf blowers

(Image credit: Steve Lukather/Instagram/Future)

Most musicians have probably daydreamed about weaponising their rigs against noisy neighbours at some point, safe in the knowledge that ‘mine is louder than yours’. But session legend and Toto guitarist Steve Lukather recently put the idea to the test after apparently being woken-up by his neighbour’s gardener and a fleet of 10 leaf blowers.

Taking to Instagram to film the incident, Lukather - sporting some fine-looking loungewear and backed-up by his pet pug - waged sonic war with on his neighbours, shredding his signature MusicMan through an amp placed on a trampoline before punctuating his solo by shouting “GOOD MORNING!”. 

The accompanying caption reads “What happens when the dickhead neighbors Gardner starts up 10 blowers at 7am! #goodmorningsunshine #fuckyou


Lukather’s video received encouraging support from a slew of guitar industry legends including Ernie Ball, Zakk Wylde, Bumblefoot, Doug Aldrich and more, with Peter Frampton adding ““They also owe you $$ for your performance! All mowers and blowers need to become rakers and takers anyway. Much love”.

We’d like to direct Steve, and anyone else suffering from inconsiderate neighbours to our pick of the best earplugs for musicians.

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