Slate Digital's Murda Melodies multi-effects plugin is the new cheat code to making beats

Slate Digital have developed a brand new multi-effects plugin in partnership with hip-hop producer Murda Beatz, the legendary beatmaker known for working with Drake, Travis Scott and Migos. Murda Melodies is available now through Slate Digital's subscription service, the All Access Pass. 

Murda Melodies gives producers access to a powerful range of effects that includes pitch-shift, reverb, chorus, delay, reverse and more. The plugin is equipped with 50 custom presets designed by Murda Beatz, meaning music makers can instantly get started super-charging their productions. 

Murda Melodies makes complex effects processing quick and easy - a few twists of the controls in the plugin’s stylish and intuitive GUI is enough to generate pro-sounding results. 

Slate Digital’s new multi-FX powerhouse offers producers a new level of control over their sound. Murda Melodies is capable of applying eight different effects to any source material, providing the option to mix and blend effects in creative combinations to produce new and unexpected results. Let’s take a look at some of the effects found in Murda Melodies. 

Each effect is symbolised by an icon, surrounding the visualiser in the centre of the interface. Starting at the top left, we have Dimension. This is a reverb effect with a short tail, perfect for creating atmosphere around a beat. Down from that, there’s Motion, which applies modulation to the source material, applying a unique effect that’s great for creating wavy, psychedelic sounds.

Next up is Ice, an ice-cold reverb that produces a more expansive sound than Dimension, with a longer tail. At the bottom left of the visualiser we have Heat, a saturator that injects your sounds with some warmth and energy - this would sound great on a vocal take that needs some extra punch. Over on the top right, there’s Ensemble, which adds a chorus-type sound and is ideal for adding richness and movement to almost anything. 

Beneath Ensemble you can find Clarity, which polishes up your top end and brings presence and clarity to the higher frequency range. Down from that, Rhythm offers a rhythmic, filtered delay that’s synced to your project’s tempo. Finally, there’s Reverse, one of Murda Melodies most creative effects which is perfect for producing off-kilter drum grooves. 

If that wasn’t enough to inspire you and mix up your sound, the plug-in offers four other effects on top. At the bottom of the interface, there’s a Wobble slider that recreates a classic record wobble effect and amps up the vintage vibes. 

Two filter knobs at the top allow you to control high-pass and low-pass filters, useful for fine-tuning drum sounds or even building up to the drop on your master channel. The Spread control creates space by widening the stereo field, and the Pitch Jitter control offers a powerful pitch-shifting effect which spans four octaves and can be manipulated in real time. 

Murda Melodies is one of the most unique multi-effects processors we’ve come across, combining serious functionality and pro-level effects into a stylish, easy-to-use package that delivers an unbelievable sound. 

Speaking about the plugin, Murda Beatz said it all: “I wanted to make something that was super easy to use. The presets are amazing, two clicks and you can find the most amazing way to warp a melody. It’s the new cheat code to making beats.”

Visit Slate Digital’s website to find out more about Murda Melodies.