Sitek's Wuffy distortion pedal promises to have plenty of bark

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Handmade in Gdynia, Poland, Sitek's Wuffy distortion pedal is the latest in its Sound Muses series and looks well equipped to take a big ol' bite out of the market for boutique high-gain stompboxes.

As Sitek describes it on their accompanying Instagram post, the "Wuffy is a high-gain distortion pedal offering a rich harmonic content, long and creamy sustain, and tones ranging from woolly and dark lows to crispy and piercing highs with additional option to control mids."

The blood-red enclosure has a sort of Red Riding Hood illustration going on and has controls for level, drive, scoop and tone. There is a DeMont Smooth-Click footswitch for turning the effect on and off and a switch for changing the clipping diodes to offer a different shape of distortion. So no matter what pickups you have on your guitar, or however your setup is arranged, the Wuffy looks to have enough tweakability to see you to the sweet spot.

The scoop control is effectively a cut/boost midrange control. Turn it clockwise to scoop out the mids a la late '80s Metallica or anticlockwise to thicken up your tone. The tone knob is self-explanatory, allowing you to dial in more treble or bass. If you hear a crackle when turning the tone, don't worry – that's a feature not a bug. 

The Sitek Wuffy is powered by 9V battery or DC input and costs €140 (£125, $155 approx).

See Sitek for more details.

And check out the insides of this pedal below. This is one neat pedal. 

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