Show Us Your Studio #7: "I started with a couple pieces of high-end gear, flipped them for a little more than I paid and kept flipping until I have the collection I have now"

joshua lutz
(Image credit: Joshua Lutz)

This is Show Us Your Studio, a chance for our readers to show off their set-up, shout about their gear and invite the world into their home studio. This week's studio shot has been submitted by MusicRadar reader Joshua Lutz.

Tell us a little about your studio set-up? What do you love about it?

"After two years of working around the clock to build my home studio, it’s finished. My dad and I floated the control and live room in my basement and even ran tielines throughout. I started with just a couple pieces of high end gear, a Neve 1272 from an old console and a Neumann U87. I flipped them for a little more than I paid and bought some other gear which I flipped for a little more than I paid, and just kept flipping my way up and saved from audio gigs until I have the collection I have now."

Tell us a little about your musical background and the music that you make in your studio?

"I was an Assistant Engineer at Electric Lady Studios for two years after graduating from the Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, I play over 35 instruments and am a visual designer as well."

What's your favourite piece of gear in your studio and why?

"The Altec 436C pair cause it is, to me and many other engineers, the very best vari-mu compressor ever made. It's instant Beatles on everything. Great for tracking, mixing, mastering and 2-bus."

What was the first bit of gear you ever owned?

"Tascam Portastudio 424MKII and a Shure SM58. I made hundreds of songs on it until I upgraded to a Roland VS880!"

What dream piece of gear would you love to own if money was no object?

"A Fairchild 670 or a Oberheim FVS-1."

Listen to Joshua Lutz's track Yasmin below.

joshua lutz

(Image credit: Joshua Lutz)

 Joshua's gear list

  • Neve 33609C
  • UA LA-2A
  • Altec 436C pair
  • Altec 1591A
  • RetroGrade Stereo Federal Compressor
  • Universal Audio 6176
  • Hairball Audio 1776 Blue Stripe 
  • CBS Audimax pair
  • Demeter VTCL-2
  • Gates Dynamote
  • Binson Echorec, 2
  • Telefunken V672 racked pair
  • Neve V racked channel strip
  • Neve 1073 
  • API 512C
  • Quad Eight racked pair
  • Neotek Racked pair
  • BEAG Racked pair
  • Studer racked pair
  • Eventide DSP4000
  • Distressor EL8X Pair
  • Stam SA4000
  • Chandler Limited TG1 
  • dBX 160
  • Dolby 361 w/ Vocal Stressor mod
  • Apollo X16
  • Yamaha NS-10 pair
  • Ensoniq DP/4
  • Roger Meyer Gates pair
  • Neumann Racked Danner EQ pair
  • Dangerous Bax EQ
  • Moog Ladder
  • Roland RE-301
  • Magnecorder Custom Pre
  • Lexicon PCM90
  • Tubetech LCB-2

If you'd like to be featured on Show Us Your Studio, email us today with a clear and well-lit picture of your studio space. 


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