Show Us Your Studio #13: "When I'm making music in the evenings, I feel like I'm at the helm of a starship"

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This is Show Us Your Studio, a chance for our readers to show off their set-up, shout about their gear and invite the world into their home studio. This week's studio shot has been submitted by MusicRadar reader Rob Gibbon.

Tell us about your studio set-up?

"I've treated the room, which gives it this incredibly calm feel when you walk in. The arched picture window behind the desk fills the room with natural light which only encourages me to spend too much time in there! When I'm creating, I feel like I'm at the helm of a starship, especially in the late evenings when it's dark."

Tell us a little about your musical background and the music that you make in your studio?

"I made the transition from listener to creator late in life - at about the age of 40 I decided to get myself a first synth - a Korg, which I still love despite its limitations. From there I bought a whole lot more outboard gear before finally building a full studio setup. 

When I'm creating, I feel like I'm at the helm of a starship

"The music I make is a kind of pop fusion of electronica with more traditional funk, jazz and rock. I aim to connect on an emotional level through the lyrics and the arrangement, so my creativity tends to send me to some pretty blue places. I love that technology has made advanced music creation so accessible now, from production tools to education and collaboration everything is within near-instant reach."

Tell us about the gear in your studio?

"There's my wife's Gibson ES-335, a Kramer D-1 bass, an acoustic guitar of no pedigree, a rare Soviet electric piano (Venta EM-17), three Behringer Craves, a Korg Minologue, a MicroFreak and my grandfather's Roland SH-101. In the foreground is a Tandberg open reel tape recorder which I sometimes use to add some low end saturation."

What's your favourite piece of gear and why?

"Out of shot but I have a Hohner Pianet electric piano which I absolutely love. It has such a great sound and the immediacy of playing is incredibly satisfying."

What was the first bit of gear you ever owned?

"The first piece of gear I bought in earnest was the Korg Monologue. I still love it for its dark basslines, wild leads and esoteric FX."

What dream piece of gear would you love to own if money was no object?

"I've been eyeballing the Rhodes Mark I suitcase electric piano on Reverb, but just window shopping I promise! That and the Vox Continentals."

Listen to Rob's music on Spotify.


(Image credit: Future)


(Image credit: Future)

If you'd like to be featured on Show Us Your Studio, email us today with a clear and well-lit picture of your studio space. 


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