Revv launches its G2 amp-in-a-box overdrive in ltd edition gold enclosure

(Image credit: Revv Amplification)

Today in new and shiny things, Revv has unveiled a limited edition gold version of its tricked-out G2 overdrive pedal.

Limited to 200 units, the pedal is ostensibly unchanged from its the green G2 overdrive, with the same amp-in-a-box functionality, and switchable overdrive voicings.

The G2 Gold has a 3-band EQ for your bass, middle and treble needs, with volume and gain controls and a three-way switch to select your desired overdrive flavour. You can use the G2 as a boost or a drive; there's no shortage of the latter, with the G2 having the widest sweep of gain of any of Revv's pedals.

Think of the G2 as the Green Channel from Revv’s amplifiers in stompbox form, rich in crunch. The three modes offer three quite different uses for the pedal. The Blue mode is essentially the pedal's default, all touch-responsive gain, with a respectable level of grit. Red is wider and hotter, with a saturated amp feel, while off lets you operate the G2 as a clean boost.

A powerful EQ section allows for ample tone chasing and adjustment to make sure you stick out in the mix. Revv says the G2 is designed to be stacked with other drives for chasing high-gain tones, or used as in conjunction with the Revv G-series if using your 'board as the foundation of your tone.

The G2 Gold has top-mounted jacks, takes 9V DC, and is handmade in Canada. 

See Revv Amplification for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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