Revv designed its new Chat Breaker overdrive pedal with AI via Chat GPT

Revv Chat Breaker pedal
(Image credit: Revv)

Sick of hearing about AI, yet? Well it isn't going anywhere. It's now helping to design overdrive pedals. The Chat Breaker from Canadian company Revv was designed with the use of ChatGPT.

The Revv team initially used the AI chatbot in a refining process before reaching a final design. That was essentially a bluesbreaker circuit - hence the name – except Chat GPT's version wouldn't have powered on. 

Revv president and head designer Dan Trudeau decided to change and refine that blueprint, adding new elements generated by the good old human mind, to create the Chat Breaker. A collaboration of sorts between man and machine, then, and obviously a much better backstory than, 'Here's another Bluesbreaker derivative'. 

The result is a low to medium gain overdrive with Tone, Drive and Level controls. The  pedal's aesthetic is influenced by Chat GPT's interface.

The Chat Breaker is a limited release and priced at $199. More info at Revv Amplification.  

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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