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Retronyms brings its Phase84 synth to Android users on Google Play

Retronyms has become the latest iOS app developer to bring one of its products to Android via Google Play: the Phase84 phase distortion synth.

Previously available for Apple devices and on the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, this is now being made available to the wider Android community, and with low-latency performance, we’re assured. The synth ships with more than 110 presets, covering basses, leads, pads, bell tones, atmospheres and more.

Phase84 promises to go beyond standard phase distortion synths such as Casio’s CZ line from the ‘80s by offering advanced features such as the groove gate, and a 16-step rhythm matrix with tweakable envelope, patterns and tempo when in perform mode.

We’re still waiting for Phase84 to land on Google Play, but its release should be imminent, and we know that it’ll be priced at $9.99.

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