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Recreate Jonny Greenwood's randomised stutter effect with new Feral Glitch pedal

Jonny Greenwood's randomised stutter Max/MSP patch - as heard on Radiohead's Go To Sleep - is a much sought-after effect, but if you wanted to simulate it with a guitar pedal, you'd be out of luck - until now, with the release of the Feral Glitch.

Put together by the founder of excellent Radiohead gear site The King Of Gear, the Feral Glitch offers both random and fixed stutter modes, adjusted via a toggle on the left of the pedal.

A second toggle kills or passes the dry signal, while two knobs control effect time/length (max possible length in random mode) and effect volume. Pedal bypass and effect engage footswitches are also onboard.

Radiohead fans will be all over this. The Feral Glitch is available to preorder from Kickstarter for $260.

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