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Radial’s Cab-Link allows guitarists to connect two cabinets simultaneously

Radial Engineering has unveiled its latest guitar problem-solver, the Cab-Link.

As the name suggests, the Cab-Link allows guitarists to connect multiple cabinets from a single amp - useful for heads and combos with only one speaker output.

Cabs can be linked in series or parallel configuration, to allow the total impedance to match the output impedance of the amp.

A level control-equipped line out is also onboard, which can be used to feed another amp or an effects unit.

Like other Radial gear, the Cab-Link promises zero signal colouration and rock-solid build quality, while it can handle amp outputs of up to 400 watts.

The Cab-Link is available now for $79.99 - head over to Radial Engineering for more info.

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