Product spotlight: Natal Walnut Original

Since its resurrection in 2010, Natal has become a leading force within the drum industry, offering top-notch design and build quality - often at relatively affordable prices within the market, as proved across its product line-up. 

The company’s flagship Originals series (so-called because it was the first kit launched on its return) is at the core of this, offering maple, ash, birch, and most recently, walnut as a choice of shell material.

While it might have spent some time away from the limelight, drum manufacturers have turned their attention once again to Walnut in recent years. Not surprising as this tonewood was a regular fixture in vintage shells, offering a fat, rich fundamental sound that is renowned for its warmth, depth and punch. 

Natal’s Walnut Original line stays true to this, combined with a number of features familiar to Natal drums: durable hardware, eye-catching finishes and a range of configurations.

(Image credit: Natal)

Starting with the build, Walnut Originals offer a seven-ply shell construction, resulting in a fairly thin shell. This is met by modern 45-degree bearing edges, providing a fine point-of-contact with the drum head. The combination of wood choice, shell thickness and bearing edge all adds up to the enhanced low end response, giving a resulting sound that is full of attack, while maintaining sustain.

These qualities mean that Walnut Originals are a great all-round kit for multiple genres, offering focus and depth in the studio, and plenty of cut and power when used in a live situation. 

For Natal artist, Oli Wiseman (Anne-Marie), Natal Walnut Originals are the perfect choice when it comes to blending contemporary acoustic kit sounds with the layered samples and electronics required for a pop gig in 2019. 

We spent the day with Oli and his custom black/silver split-finished Walnut Originals to find out more about why walnut could be the centrepiece of great-sounding modern drums,

Oli Wiseman plays:

• Natal Walnut Originals (Black/Silver split finish)
• Black Sparkle w/ White Sparkle Split
• 20”x18” Bass Drum
• 8”x6.5” Tom
• 10”x6.5” Tom
• 12”x6.5” Tom
• 14”x12” Floor Tom
• 16”x14” Floor Tom
• 13”x7” Snare

(Image credit: Natal)

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