Pigtronix releases Disnortion Micro guitar effects pedal


Pigtronix has shrunk its Disnortion fuzz and overdrive circuits to fit inside the new Disnortion Micro pedal.

The Micro can run in parallel or series routing, the latter of which features six-stage CMOS overdrive cascaded into diode-clipping fuzz, output through a six-way passive filter network - it can produce extreme filter knobs and even self-oscillation.

A single gain knob handles both fuzz and overdrive circuits, and parallel routing can be used to maintain clarity while piling on the gain.

Tone is controlled via a drive tone knob and six-way fuzz shape rotary filter switch, while the unit operates on standard 9V power, as opposed to the original's 18V.

The Pigtronix Disnortion Micro is available now for £159 - see Pigtronix for more info.

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