It looks like third time's the charm for the Pigtronix Echolution 3 multi-tap stereo modulation delay pedal

Following the Echolution and Echolution 2, the new Pigtronix Echolution 3 delay pedal aims to built on the reputation with a user-friendly interface and enhanced sound design. 

The multi-tap stereo modulation delay offers algorithms including reverse, jump, pong with modulation tempo sync, variable low pass filter, flexible signal routing, tap tempo and comprehensive MIDI control. 


(Image credit: Pigtronix)

The Echolution's delay times range from 100ms to five seconds. As well as the left footswitch's tap tempo function, a second delay tap can be set to the same length or a fraction of the main delay time to create rhythmic echoes. The ¾ fraction creates a dotted eight note delay, while the Golden fraction uses the sacred geometry of the Golden Ratio (.382) as the multiplier for the second tap. 

These multi-tap settings impress even further when used with the the stereo ping pong effect; the different delay taps switch sides on each repeat. 


(Image credit: Pigtronix)

Despite such deep multi-tap features, the layout here looks refreshingly streamlined; clear and concise with four large parameter control knobs. 

The Echolution 3 stores up to four player presets, and can be expanded with the Pigtronix Universal Remote footswitch. It runs on a standard 9VDC and is available worldwide at $299 / £329. 

More info at Pigtronix

Rob Laing
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